Greenhouse Village Cooperative (GVC) is a housing association that was incorporated in 2005, occupied in June 2006, and reached full occupancy in February 2007. GVC is governed by a Board of Directors elected by the member-owners and administered by operating committees and a management company, Premier Senior Resources. Members purchase a share of the Cooperative and pay monthly carrying charges to meet operating expenses, which include cost of operations, reserves for future major repair and replacement, and monthly payments on the property. A major benefit of cooperative living is the camaraderie among cooperative members. Activities include impromptu dinners, day trips, games, entertainment, and social events.

Assistance is available to answer your housing market questions. We can provide referrals to companies that stage and market real estate or provide assistance in the moving process.

Greenhouse Village Properties, LLC (GVP) developed GVC at the former site of Leben's Flowers, a long-standing Roseville family business. GVP is a Twin Cities based company and is a member of the Better Business Bureau. The principals have over 25 years of expertise in design and construction management and have received numerous industry awards for their residential construction. GVP brought together a team of respected and award-winning architects, engineers and contractors who oversaw the construction of GVC.